How to Run A Warm Write In Foundation

5 Part Series
Includes Baseline, March and May assessments

What is a Warm Write?
A Warm Write is one of the writing/pre-writing assessments we collect for our writing data trackers. A Warm Write means it is a more supported test condition, whereas a Cold Write is a more formal test, similar to NAPLAN conditions. In general, warm writes are for pre-writers or beginning writers.

The course will focus on providing you with the following;
· A detailed video of a warm write assessment being completed.
· An extensive workbook complete with;
– An assessment template broken into smaller tasks to observe skills.
– A test collection template for collecting the data.
– A task template to use if tactile items cannot be sourced.
– A breakout of the when-to-run warm assessment.
– An overview of what to do with the data you collect.
– Instructions on how to set up a data tracker and more.

After this course, you can run and mark a warm write using the Foundation Level of the Australian Criterion Scale. You will also obtain an overview of Cold/Warm Writes to schedule them into your assessment timetable and start your individual student Data Tracker.

This course suits preschool, foundation, and year 1 start, as well as leadership, support staff, or educators with pre-writers in their care.

This course provides an essential understanding of assessing pre-writing or emergent writing skills using the Australian Criterion Scale. It is linked to the Big Write and VCOP writing approach. It should be completed AFTER completing either Big Talk or the Introduction to Big Write and VCOP.


  1. How To Run A Warm Write in Foundation - Welcome
  2. 1. Baseline Warm Write Tutorial - Let's get learning
  3. 2. Guided Editing with the Student-Friendly Criterion Scale - Let's get learning
  4. 3. March Warm Write - Let's get learning
  5. 4. May Warm Write - Let's get learning
  6. 5. August Warm Write - Let's get learning
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