Obsessed with the Wordle App?

How about a custom version for home or the classroom instead. 

Head to mywordle.strivemath.com click the ‘Make Your Own Wordle’ button under the heading. Type your word and it’s generated for you. You can then share your gameplay link, or click on the url to open it for yourself.

I will be using it as a travel game as my crew are pretty word game crazy. I will create a word and either pass the device on to one of the kids to see if they can solve it. They will then create a word and pass the device on. OR I can email or kids messenger the URL link to them and they can all play at the same time.

From here, we might make word lists to select appropriate levelled words for each child and see if this enhances play or even a family list. Might be a great way to practice new vocabulary or even tricky word spelling.

Should we add a reverse score sheet? The person with the least amount of points wins. 
Guess the word in row 1- 0 points, Row 2 – 1 point, Row 3 -2 points, Row 4 -3 points, Row 5 -4 points, Row 6- 5 points, unsolved- 6 points.

What do you think? What will you do in your classroom?