Converting the Australian Criterion Scale to A-E Scoring

Do you want to know how a student's score on the criterion scale converts to an A-E score? This document is for you!

This document is perfect for schools using the Australian Criterion Scale to mark their Cold Writes. The table allows you to convert the marking score into the A-E system manually.

Remember, DATA does not need to be a four-letter word that we all despise. Sure, the marking side of things can be time-consuming, but the information we collect from it is second to none in supporting your student’s writing journey. Not only will you use your data tracker constantly throughout the year, but next year’s teacher will then use it to compare their new Jan/Feb recount data with the final Oct/Nov piece of the year to map out the ‘Summer Dip’ or ‘Summer Slide’ that occurs. The data can then be used to target the student’s learning needs. This exposition piece can be used to check student’s prior knowledge to plan an effective revision and add-on unit of learning.

Don’t just collect data for the final score; use the ticks, dots, and crosses to target student learning.

If you need to know more about Cold and Warm Writes, Assessing Writing, or Data Tracking. Please attend our PD – Assessment and Data Tracking

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