Vinny’s Vivacious Vocabulary – Junior Set 10

Help build a language-rich classroom with resources that encourage students to investigate high-level vocabulary.

This resource has been designed using language that 4-7 year old’s might not all be familiar with yet.

Language is mental-age related. It is developed through exposure, practice and repetition. The words will become embedded when the child uses them more frequently in their everyday speech, in a variety of different context settings. We need to build a deeper level of understanding of even basic tier 2 language so the children understand how words can be used across different parts of speech, how the word morphs due to tense, and how it might have multiple meanings.

Each set contains ten higher-level tier-2 words that we want to expose students to. The sets are in no particular order, but the lower set (1-3) also has what you might consider tier-1 words mixed in. This is so that students learn more uses for these words and understand the value they add to their text responses. They are designed to be used in addition to the student-centred wow word board, which will have the language they are infrequently using that you again want to encourage more regular use in text responses and speaking.

Again, as with any resource, use them more like a basis or template to them adapt or re-create with your class.
I would introduce them as a Vivacious Word of the Week, so that the students have time to explore and understand them completely before a new word is introduced.

Remember to share or tag us in any classroom use, so we can celebrate with you.

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