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COURSE DURATION: Approx. 60 MINUTES What is Punctuation (the P in VCOP)? Punctuation is the marks or symbols we use in writing to separate sentences and their elements and clarify meaning. In Big Write, there are two different types of punctuation: those that fall under GHaSP and are used simply for grammar and those we use to create effect. The Australian Punctuation pyramid covers both so that we remind students of the basics while teaching them to enhance the piece. The aim of the session is to; · Look at what we need to know as teachers regarding punctuation. · Understand that each piece of punctuation has more than one use. · Learn how we go about teaching and practising punctuation. This course is suitable for educators of preschool to adult learners who are using or wish to use the VCOP elements in their classroom. It is also ideal for leadership, support staff, or educators wanting to raise their students’ writing or oral language skills. Ideally, this course will be completed by staff using the school license. SINGLE CLASSROOM TEACHER – YOU ARE UNABLE TO SHARE, DISTRIBUTE, OR USE ANY RESOURCES FOUND IN THIS COURSE OUTSIDE OF YOUR OWN CLASSROOM. This course provides a further understanding of the benefits of VCOP and is linked to the Big Write and VCOP writing approaches and training courses. Look for other courses in the Big Write and VCOP series to learn more.

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