The Importance of Intensive Student Analysis for Writing

Introducing our differentiated student analysis pack, specially crafted to introduce and cultivate the concept of ‘Breakdown Buddies.’ This innovative approach encourages peer feedback, fosters deeper-level analysis, and ultimately empowers students to take ownership of their learning by creating personalised writing goals for the week ahead.

At the heart of this pack is our original Reflective Journal, a versatile resource inspired by renowned educational expert John Hattie, which can be seamlessly integrated into your school’s curriculum. The journal not only serves as a tool for personal reflection but also acts as a bridge to effective peer collaboration.

To get started, modelling is key. This will then lead to a gradual release of responsibility for deep personal reflection, and then peer feedback as well. It’s crucial to provide support to students who may need guidance in this process. As students gain proficiency, guide them in progressing to the next level. Maintain a pace that suits the majority of the class while offering additional support to students with specific needs through targeted group work.

As we transition more independently into the ‘Breakdown Buddies’ phase, the primary focus is on fostering peer feedback and deeper-level analysis, guided by Reflective Learning techniques inspired by Boud, Keogh & Walker. Encourage students to listen to and view their peers’ work critically and constructively. Provide them with tools and resources for analysing and understanding the strengths and areas for improvement in their peers’ writing.

An essential aspect of this journey is the role of feedback, as endorsed by John Hattie. Effective feedback is a cornerstone of growth and improvement. We advocate for a holistic approach to feedback, emphasising that it should not merely be a one-way interaction from teacher to student. Our approach allows students to engage with their peers’ work and offer valuable feedback, which, in turn, sparks critical thinking and actionable steps for enhancement.

Through the ‘Breakdown Buddies’ initiative, students will learn the art of constructive critique, the skill of offering meaningful feedback, and the ability to recognise and implement improvement opportunities in their own work. This process sets the stage for students to identify their unique writing strengths and areas for growth, leading to the creation of their personalized writing goals for the following week.

Empower your students with the tools and mindset to become reflective, proactive, and motivated learners, driving their academic growth and success.

Inside the pack, you will also find a detailed explanation of the suggested stages to introduce and master, before moving on to the next step.

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