Topic Sentences, and more.

First, we all read the latest article on koalas on the KidsNews website first. Then they told me the main idea of the article verbally- ‘Koalas are endangered’. (Could stop here).

I then used this main idea as a prompt to check for understanding of the article and prompted to extend with ‘because’. (Could stop here).

Next, I challenged Jaz to embed and infer her knowledge using the subordinate connective openers, although, unless and if. (Could stop here).

Finally, I asked her to pick her favourite sentence from the last activity and extend it with evidence or an example. She chose to provide an example with evidence linked back. (Cats being a threat was a fact from the article, and keeping them inside was her example to support her statement).

Everyone was asked to either read out loud or verbalise their thoughts after each step so that we could check their understanding.

I have added ‘could stop here’ in to show how you could differentiate or break the lesson into a series of smaller lessons.