Empowering Writers: Student-Teacher Writing Analysis Toolkit

At VCOP, we believe in empowering students through collaborative learning experiences. Our new toolkit, “Empowering Writers,” revolutionises the writing analysis process, connecting students and teachers through the Student-Friendly and Australian Criterion Scales with the cross-referencing table.

The Australian Criterion Scale is a writing assessment document that can be used to assess any text type produced at a Pre-Writer to end Year 10 writing ability (marked as Levels F-7 on the scale). This 13-page document not only includes the complete F-7 scale but also covers a brief overview of ‘How to Assess’.
Developed by assessing over 20,000 pieces of student writing, the document assesses writing ability and has been cross-referenced to align with Australian Curriculums.

The Student Friendly Criterion Scale is a self-assessment document for students to use to analyse their work. It starts at Foundation Level with pictorial references, while Levels 1-7 outline ‘I can’ statements that students can use to analyse and edit their work. (Levels 6 and 7 have several blank rows to allow the students to write and develop their own analytical reference points, and a further completely blank template can be used to fully customise analysis.)

The Student-Friendly Criterion Scale can also be used during reading sessions to develop comprehension, model self-assessment, and analyse text.

The cross-referencing table seamlessly bridges student and teacher perspectives on writing, aligning the “Student-Friendly Criterion Scale” with the “Australian Criterion Scale.” Tailored for years 1-10, students use the student-friendly version to self-assess their writing against clear criteria written in easy ‘I can’ descriptors. Simultaneously, educators utilise the teacher’s scale to provide targeted feedback and set meaningful goals. This cross-reference table clearly details how the two scales align.

The table is now available as a free download for VCOP members.